• Is the festival acessible?

    CBMF is accredited as “Fully Accessible” by Access Advisor. Services include:


    • Accessible parking lot for those with the government issued parking passes ($20 first-come, first-serve in the East Premium Parking Lot)
    • Pat & The Elephant shuttle service to and from the parking lot in Avonlea Village
    • Corporate Suite entrance access
    • Accessible washrooms
    • Crushed gravel pathways
    • Accessible viewing platform that offers a premium view of the main stage, is fully licensed and has a dedicated beverage server


    To read more about our accessible classification, visit Access Advisor’s Website.

  • How do I buy accessible tickets?
    To purchase accessible tickets, please contact and we will reach out to you to purchase. If you already have a ticket, let us know and we’ll swap your ticket for an accessible ticket if available. Space is plentiful and is offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • What gate do I enter the festival?
    Accessible entrance is through the Corporate Suites entrance.
  • Are there bathrooms by the accessible platform?

    Yes! There are accessible washrooms nearby.

  • What if I have difficulty walking but don't need access to the accessible platform?
    You may use the accessible entrance if you have difficulty walking. You do not need an accessible ticket to use this entrance.
  • Do you have accessible parking?
    Accessible parking will only be in the East Premium Parking lot and will be available first-come, first-serve for $20 for those who have a government-issued accessible parking pass. Ask an attendant at the VIP entrance to the south of the venue if you need the use of a wheelchair. For any other questions, concerns, or additional information, please email
  • Are wheelchairs available at the Festival?
    A limited number of wheelchairs are available at the Corporate Suites entrance. There is no charge for usage, but a valid picture I.D. and/or driver’s license must be left with the gate attendant. When the wheelchair is returned to the same gate it was obtained at, the I.D. will be returned.
  • Can I bring my service animal with me?
    Yes. Service animals are allowed, but pets are not.