Does Route 6 Ranch have any restrictions?

Does Route 6 Ranch have any restrictions?

During your stay:

• No campfires.
• Generators permitted until 11PM.
• Place all garbage in provided bag.
• No cars can leave campground parking lot after 10 AM Saturday until 6AM Sunday.
• You can not take liquor from campground to concert OR from concert to campground.
• Do not travel campsite to campsite with open alcohol
During your stay the following items are prohibited:
• Drugs or drug paraphernalia
• Loose pills without a prescription, or expired medications of any kind (all medications, prescription or otherwise, must be in their original container)
• Hookahs
• Pets (except service animals)
• LED gloves or LED Microlights used for light shows
• Glass bottles (small bottles of perfume/cologne are OK)
• Mirrors
• Spray paint
• Promotional flyers, promotional/corporate branded banners, or vehicles displaying sponsorships or ads
• Weapons of any kind (includes pocket knives, pepper spray, etc.)
• Professional recording equipment—photo, video or audio (detachable lenses, tripods, big zooms or commercial use rigs)
• Fireworks
• Golf carts, dune buggies, off-road motorcycles, Segway’s, etc. (bicycles OK)
• Large speaker systems
• Air horns
• Unauthorized vending of food or merchandise, including alcohol
• Gas generators (solar-powered generators OK

The following actions may result in a warning and/or ejection

• Irresponsible use of alcohol.
• Public nudity or lewd behavior.
• Taunting, bullying, abusive/disruptive language or obscene gestures.
• Parking or extending RV or tent into fire lanes or outside designated/marked area.
• Failure to comply with campground safety officers.

The following actions will result in immediate ejection

• Relieving your bladder or bowels anywhere other than approved restrooms/porta-potties.
• Fighting or engaging in any action that may harm, endanger or threaten to bring discomfort to anyone.
• Public sexual behavior.
• Possession/use of illegal drugs.
• Damage, destruction, vandalism or theft of any property.